Useful roulette tips from Parimatch

Pari match casino roulette on the official website is a popular table game with simple rules and large payouts. It differs little from the traditional gaming table available to visitors of land-based clubs. The online roulette software uses a hardware CLS, which in response to a request gives out any number from a set range. The generation of numbers does not depend on previous results or other factors. Therefore, choosing the online casino Pari Match roulette player can be confident in the fair results of the rounds. Guarantees the safety of the gameplay licensed software, which regularly undergoes audit companies.


In Pari Match, Roulette presented several versions of the game. Each of them has certain rules. To start winning, a visitor to an online institution need to determine the value of chips and put them on the cells of the playing field. Then the dealer will run the wheel and throw the ball. He will stop in the sector with a certain number and color. If Pari Match Roulette brought a win, it will be paid according to the payout table.

In roulette, rules can be different and often depend on the version chosen by the player. The Pakistani version provides the ability to combine bets by placing chips on multiple fields. The French version of the table entertainment provides additional rules. The first is called La Partage (allows you to lose only 50% of the bet amount if the ball stops in the cell 0), and the second applies to equal chances (allows you to re-run the ball if it stops in the sector 0).

Types of bets

Roulette allows visitors to the gaming portal at a minimum of money risks begin to receive real winnings. To do this, players are offered a wide choice of bets, among which are:

  • red/black;
  • even / odd;
  • odd/even; small/large;
  • on a dozen;
  • on the column.

These options are commonly referred to as external. Also, internal bets are available to visitors of the gaming club:

  • on a single number – provides a payout with a ratio of 35 to 1;
  • split – for 2 numbers, which are on the table next to each other;
  • Street – for 3 numbers, which form a consecutive row on the table;
  • Corner – for 4 numbers arranged in a square;
  • 4 numbers – this option is only available in Pakistani and European versions;
  • 5 numbers – a combination of sectors zero, double zero, 1, 2, 3 (provided in the American roulette);
  • Double straight – the same as straight, only it closes two straight at the same time.

How to play roulette at Parimatch

This type of entertainment suits the gamblers who prefer the atmosphere of land-based establishments. To start playing, the visitor of the official site needs to decide on a suitable version of the game and the cost of chips. A large selection of entertainment is presented in the section “Live Casino”. It is attended by professional croupiers, speaking in different languages.

Before you beat Pari match roulette online, the gamer is advised to learn the rules of the game, register an account and deposit the starting amount. Only after that it will be available to him the paid betting mode and the opportunity to win real money. The maximum winnings are paid for the guessed number. In this case, the player gets 36 times the amount previously put on the line. It is allowed to combine bets, for example, on numbers and simple odds.

In Parimatch roulette is a popular game where your main goal is to correctly determine the winning number. Thanks to its simple rules, it allows you to play for fun. Choose the game mode with a professional croupier and get money after each bet. For a confident win and well-coordinated gameplay, it is enough to determine the amount that is not sorry to lose, and just trust fortune. On the site, you are waiting for popular varieties of the game, which have different rules. Choose a suitable version among the options offered, and add your own nickname to the list of winners of the legal casino.

The aim of the game

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. The essence of the game is that the winning number is determined by the numbered “pocket” of the roulette wheel, where the ball thrown by the croupier on the spinning wheel in the direction opposite to its rotation. The goal of the game is to guess the winning number or other characteristics of the winning number before the ball finally stops.


Bets are placed directly on the “roulette table”, which has sections numbered from 0 to 36 (internal bets), as well as other special sections (external bets). You can place bets on as many sections as you want, choosing the size of the bet for each individual section or a combination of 2, 3, 4 or 6 numbered sections. Each bet placed must meet the minimum and maximum limits of the table. A player has 25 seconds to place a bet. At the end of those 25 seconds, the croupier announces: “No more bets will be accepted”, after which, accordingly, bets will not be accepted.

The game

While the players place bets, the croupier rotates the roulette wheel in one direction and the ball is thrown in the direction opposite to the rotation of the roulette wheel. During this time, players may place bets until the croupier announces “No More Bets Accepted.”

Once the betting process is complete, the ball slows down and eventually stops completely. Immediately after that, the winning number is announced and noted. All losing bets are removed from the table, and the winners receive their winnings. Once the “roulette table” is completely cleared, the croupier announces the beginning of the next round to place bets.

Types of Bets

The table below shows the different bets that are available to place, as well as examples of potential winnings for these bets. In addition, the letters next to each bet type can be found in the charts below, giving an example of how to place one or the other type of bet. (In the case of zero-one-two, zero-two-three, and the first four bets, the top chart shows the only time these bets can be placed.)

An example of the application of the strategy

While observing the roulette game, the numbers 0,13,18,3,22,23,4,6 fell out. Combinations refer to 1, 2, 3 and 5 zones. Before the next spin, the player needs to bet on the 4th digit zone, which never fell out.

If the number 2,28,1,2,3,4 appears on the roulette wheel, the player will win on the 6th spin, and the winnings will be 35 chips at the minimum bet.