PariMatch casino is a perfect place for gamblers! It’s available to almost anyone and works all over the world!

How to register at PariMatch?

  • First, go to the “Registration” section;
  • Enter the necessary information, specifying your personal data;
  • Check all the filled-in data, press the button “Registration” and follow the instructions;
  • the game account is registered;
  • in the personal cabinet fill in the data for identification;
  • upload the photos of the pages of your identification document;
  • after successful data verification the game account will be “Verified”;
  • now you can replenish your account and play.

Why do I need verification? How to pass the verification?

Verification is carried out to verify the data provided by the participant of the game when registering on the site with the data of the document proving his identity, checking for age or presence in the list of individuals who are restricted from gambling establishments and participation in games of chance.

For verification it is necessary:

  • Upload color photos of your ID document in your personal cabinet (document pages must be fully visible).
  • Important: acceptable file formats: jpg, jpeg, gif, maximum size 5 Mb.

Residence permit pages:

  • pages 5 and 17;
  • page with the mark (stamp) on the registration (registration) at the place of residence;
  • selfies with the document (the page with the photo must be open in the document).

For foreign citizens pages with data:

  • surname, first name, patronymic (if any), series (if any) and number of the document, date of issue and validity, official name of the state where the document was issued, authority that issued the document, photo, date of birth, residence address;
  • selfies with the document (the page with the photo must be open in the document).
    After verification of the documents the gaming account will have the status “verified”.

Now you can replenish your account and play!

How to pass the verification
Now you can replenish your account and play

How do I know my account number/password?

Forgot your account number?

If you forgot your account number, use your email or phone number to log in.

The number of gaming account can always be found in the personal cabinet.

Forgot your password?

  • Enter your username / email / phone number and date of birth that you specified during registration, click “Send request” and follow the instructions.
  • Having difficulties? Contact support for more detailed advice.

Can I change my registration information?

If incorrect data was entered during the registration and you want to change it, write [email protected] with the following information:

  • the name you provided at registration;
  • the correct names and surnames;
  • game account number;
  • the email indicated during registration;
  • the reason why the data was entered incorrectly;

Color scanned copy or legible photo of your passport for confirming the data correctness.
After your request is submitted, our specialists will review it within 24 hours.

registration information?
Can I change my registration information?

I accidentally placed a bet, can I cancel it?

If a bet is made on the prematch line at betting shops, it can be canceled within 5 minutes after placement.

A bet made on the website cannot be canceled if it is registered and confirmed.

How to use the CashOut service?

CashOut allows you to calculate both pre-match and live bets before the outcome is known. In this case, the final result of the event will not matter.

In case of a successful request, the bet is calculated instantly and the corresponding amount of money is returned to the game account.

The amount of refund is determined by the bookmaker and depends on the betting odds before the event and at the moment of CashOut.

  • Go to the “Account history” tab;
  • Click on “Uncounted bets”. Under the bets, for which CashOut is possible, the amount available for refunds will be indicated;
  • Select the bet and click on “CashOut” to calculate the bet before the end of the event;
    confirm your request.

How do I clear the cache in Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Mozilla Firefox?

To clear the cache in Google Chrome:

  • go to the browser settings by clicking the “Menu” icon in the upper right corner and select “Tools”;
  • in the menu that appears, select “Delete browsing data”;
  • in the “Clear browsing data” window, select the period for which you want to delete the data, for example, for the whole time;
  • check the “Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data” box, making sure that the other boxes are unchecked;
  • click “Delete browsing data” to complete the process.

To clear the cache in Opera:

  • in the browser’s side menu, select “Settings” or press Alt+P;
  • on the left side of the menu that opens, select “Security” and then “Clear browsing history”;
  • under “Destroy the following items,” select “From the beginning;
  • select “Clear cache” and make sure the other checkboxes are unchecked;
  • click on “Clear browsing history” to close the Settings window and complete the process.
PariMatch casino - the best options
PariMatch casino – play the best slots

To clear the cache in Safari:

  • from the browser menu, select “Reset Safari” and check the “Delete all website data” box. Make sure the other checkboxes are unchecked before deleting;
  • click on “Reset” to confirm the process and complete it.

To clear the cache in Mozilla Firefox:

  • select “Settings” in the browser menu, go to the “Privacy” tab, and in the window that opens, click the “Delete your recent history” link;
  • in the “Delete History” window, check the “Cache” checkbox and make sure that all other checkboxes are unchecked;
  • click “Delete Now” to complete the process.

I funded the game account, but the money did not come. What to do?

If I used a bank card / e-wallet for replenishment:

In case money was deducted from the balance of bank card/e-wallet and was not deposited to the balance of the game account within 30 minutes, for clarification of information on the payment it is enough to send a letter to our e-mail [email protected] with a screenshot of the history of financial transactions on the website of the payment system, confirming the payment to Parimatch account. Please also specify in your e-mail the number of your game account and point out that the sum of payment has not been reached on your balance.

Our specialists will send a request to the payment system on the basis of the provided screenshot and will do everything possible to help you resolve the issue.

Please note that the time of funds crediting depends on the payment system of the issuing bank.

If you used a terminal to top up: Contact the support service of the terminal network by the number specified on the receipt or on the terminal itself to clarify the reason of non-receipt of funds.

If that didn’t help, write to [email protected] indicating your account number and attaching a photo of the receipt. If there is no receipt left, ask the terminal network support service for a duplicate copy of the receipt which will be emailed to you.

Our specialists will solve the situation as soon as possible, and you will be notified in writing about the details.

I funded the game account, but the money did not come
I funded the game account, but the money did not come

Can I cancel the ordered payment of funds from the gaming account?

It is possible to cancel the payment order, issued by the betting shop on your own.

For this purpose it is necessary:

  • go to “Account history”, tab “Finance”;
  • click the “Cancel” button near the corresponding withdrawal order.

The funds will be instantly returned to the balance of your game account.

If you ordered a withdrawal to a bank card/e-wallet, to cancel such an order you should contact our technical support.